About Us

Academy of Real and Meta Analytics (ARMA) is the brainchild of the collaborative efforts of partners Netcore and WSI-Axon. Its establishment was largely due to the ever-increasing demand for the need to understand and maximize data interpretation and manipulation towards the development and implementation of effective business strategies geared towards overall success. ARMA was developed to bridge the gap between the right knowledge of analytics and the right people who need it in order to be more productive and successful in their fields.

At ARMA, we offer a robust training experience geared at demystifying the dynamics of analytics thereby empowering our students with the advantageous cutting edge required in a highly competitive field. With training packages for both individuals and teams delivered in a practical manner by highly skilled instructors, we guarantee inevitable business growth for those who successfully complete our training programs.

Our Vision

To remain the leading institute in Nigeria and Africa for the purpose of empowering individuals
with the knowledge of analytics to remain relevant boost individual and corporate career

Our Mission

To develop and preserve a body of knowledge
drawn from a wealth of rich experience in the
field of analytics, remain up to date with best
practices in the field of analytics, and pass
on this knowledge to help others succeed and
thrive in their careers.

  • Excellence, Integrity Strategic
  • Relationships
  • Learning
  • Educating
  • Success

Why Us?

Our team is highly skilled with years of practical experience and a track record of stellar results. We measure our success by the success of every one of our students and are personally committed to seeing each one excel in their careers through this training.


Our team of faculty members and instructors is comprised of highly skilled experts, with years of experience and results under their belt. Working with some of the most prestigious and productive industries in the game/business- scape, they possess a vast knowledge of how to excel and are committed to passing across that knowledge to each student. Training is conducted in a conducive environment with state of the art facilities, via live interactive classroom lectures alongside interactive online sessions.


The content of our courses evolves on the go, constantly being updated to incorporate best practices and recent trends in the field of analytics to maintain our cutting edge relevance. Consequently, we ensure our trainees remain industry ready and well equipped to face today’s challenges. Also, courses are developed and taught to address practical challenges. We adopt a hands-on approach, using dataset equivalents of real-life business scenarios to educate our students.


While we teach an entire classroom, each student is given maximum attention and necessary support needed to maximize the training towards accomplishing goals suited to their individual career journey. We offer counsel, help the student build their profiles and make available to them knowledge of opportunities best suited for their skill sets.


Beyond training our students, we assume responsibility for their success, helping them apply the dividends of their training through post-training career counseling, referrals to prestigious industries whose business needs match the students skill sets and helping students build attractive industry-relevant profiles.


Our institute boasts of a robust repertoire of world-class resources in the field of analytics, available to every one of our student during and upon completion of their program. Alumni also have the opportunity to be part of the ARMA online community, a rich learning pool comprised of other ARMA alumni and ARMA instructors.

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