How to Become a Data Visualization Rockstar

How to Become a Data Visualization Rockstar

Ever wondered why we find it easier to confront challenging work compared to seating down to generate reports on the works we’ve done – it’s embarrassing to admit yet we are all guilty of this.

Painfully, few of us have ever questioned this sarcastic behavior. We obviously do not see the benign importance of investing time to polish our reporting skill (Data Visualization). This article was written to press the importance of honing your reporting skill.

Let me start by painting a contrary situation where you would agree with me, we all accept that having a word processing software doesn’t make us a great writer – so we take classes to learn the fundamentals, guidelines, and rules.

Only in following this process can we get better at writing. Yet, when it comes to report and dashboard designing, we unthoughtfully believe that a means to a computer is all that we need to create effective reports. This is because tables and graphs are the common means to communicate quantitative information many of us assume that its effective use is common as well.

Hence, few of us have learned the design practices that make them effective.

Rather than learn how to communicate better with our report components, we direct all our effort towards learning a data visualization software like tableau, Klipfolio or Microsoft BI while we never bother to seek to learn the best use case for our report component.

This knowledge gap makes us lose enthusiasm for report creation. Let me ask you; What drives your choice of using a graph or table to build a report? I guess you just pick a component instinctively. Yelp, that’s what almost everyone does.

Basing your report component selection on instinct means you are just going to connect your data to the chosen component and show forth anything and hope it communicates the right message. Designing your report without any foreknowledge of the best use case for your report component should be inconceivable.

Data Visualization

Let me end this paragraph by adding that if you have ever been called by your boss to explain a report that you’ve designed – then you have something going wrong!

Report and dashboard designers need a reference board, they deserve a standard to adhere to and draw inspiration from. We cannot continue to tell a shabby story with our report component.

ARMA has a course that is poised at turning employees to effective communicators through the design of their report. Enroll with us and get yourself and your team on top of data visualization in your field.

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Written By- Patrick Oche

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