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Effective Data Visualization

Get advanced skills in the art of effective data visualization 

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You’ll begin by learning the value of visualization, through design principles drawn from graphic design, visual art, perceptual psychology, and cognitive science. Using Trifacta’s data transformation tools to illustrate some of the concepts, you’ll also learn techniques for scaling visualizations to extremely large data sets.
  • This course is a must for anyone who needs to design/generate reports using excel or other applications, an MIS, dashboard experts or data management professionals, report builders, managers, shareholders & regulatory bodies. The growing availability of informative datasets and software tools has led to increased reliance on data visualizations across many areas.
  • Data visualization provides a powerful way to communicate data-driven findings, motivate analyses, and detect flaws. This course will give you the skills you need to leverage data to reveal valuable insights and advance your career.



Campus: Victoria Island Lagos



By the end of this course, you will be able to design and create a dashboard in an enterprise environment. Discover user needs, identify key metrics, and tailor your dashboard to a particular audience.



Undergraduates, Graduates,

equivalent Higher Education qualification,

or relevant work experience 

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